Duluth Christmas tree thief strikes

Thanks to the Duluth News Tribune, we have officially kicked off stolen-Christmas-tree season in Minnesota.

It happened in the city’s Lakeside neighborhood where Martin Running has several pine trees in his yard.

Someone thought, “I’ll just saw off the top of one of his trees and save some money” apparently, because that’s what happened. They cut about 12 feet off, presumably leading police to suspect the thief is someone with a high ceiling.

Mr. Running was classically Minnesotan about the whole thing.

“All I can really say is, I hope they really needed it,” he told the paper.

Running says his insurance company would only pay for a fraction of the cost of replacing the tree so he’s going to leave things the way they are.

“The worst part is, I’ve got some nice trees on my property, where does it begin and end? When do they come back?”

  • Zachary

    This needles me.

    Seriously though – my family had this happen to a tree, and it really leaves an ugly mark. You end up being reminded of it all the time.

    • Bob Sinclair

      Oh, how I pine for the simpler days (sorry, I couldn’t resist :0)

      • Zachary

        if we keep punning, people aren’t going to leaf us alone…

        • Bob Sinclair

          So I notice on this blog that the comments seem to branch off into other areas

          • Zachary

            We’ll track down the root of it soon…

          • Justin McKinney

            These thieves need a FIRm hand. OK, that was horrible.

          • Zachary

            we were Aspen for it though…

          • Jerry

            I ce-(what you did)-dar.

            I’m sorry (not really).

          • RBHolb

            It makes me balsam.

        • Zachary

          if we keep this up, maybe Brian Oake will chime in…

      • rallysocks

        How sappy…

  • Gary F

    Just put a sign on your property. “These trees are coated with a chemical that smells like rotten eggs when the tree comes to room temperature”.

    • Jack Ungerleider

      Caution: Trees have been treated so that all cuttings loose their needles within 24 hours.

  • Ben Chorn

    Sounds like someone needs to put up a trail cam

  • Anna

    I’m from Louisiana and down there Gulf States Electric has the right to cut your trees if they will cause problems with the power lines. You wouldn’t believe the hack job they do on trees that are too close to electric lines.

    The growing season is so short in far northern Minnesota so planting a smaller tree to replace it wouldn’t solve the gap.

    I would cut the rest of the tree down, cut the branches off and make wreaths and swags out of it for Christmas this year. At least the eyesore wouldn’t be there anymore.

    At least they cut his tree.

    When I was in high school a neighborhood teen tried to burn down ours by setting the dead pine needles underneath on fire. Our loblolly pines formed a windbreak on three sides.

    Thankfully the trees survived and the culprit was caught thanks to a vigilant neighbor. We had the neighborhood Baptist minister talk with the kid and his parents who were members at the time.

    Of course this was back when children had manners and neighbors kept an eye out for misbehavior.

    A very effective deterrent is chicken #$*!. It burns like fire when it comes in contact with the skin. My father had to do this when some school kids kept knocking down our clothes line. Works like a charm.