Arsonist torches Little Free Library in Mpls

(Video link)

One fairly wonders what threat to the self-esteem a Little Free Library in Minneapolis posed to the person who decided to burn it this week.

Fox 9 News reports the library, built by the children of Melissa Summers for her birthday, went up in flames at 48th & Portland Avenue South in Minneapolis the morning after Christmas.

It apparently was popular enough to be a “Poké Stop” for Pokémon Go players during the game’s craze last summer.

It also doubled as a toy exchange for kids.

“Unfortunately, incidents like this do occur, but they happen very rarely,” Little Free Library’s marketing assistant Lynnea Chelstrom said in an email to Fox 9. “We see the communities rally together to overcome any vandalism and that they find the benefits of a Little Free Library far outweigh any potential problems.”

The Little Free Library organization issued a care package of books to help Summers replace the library, but she plans to spend anywhere from $200 to $300 to get a brand new one installed.

“They’re not going to stop it,” Summers said. “We’re going to put another one up there. It’ll be prettier.”

  • Kassie

    As someone who still plays Pokemon (a lot), I’ll say it is still a stop and will likely remain one for a long time. It is weird when you walk up to a pokestop that says it is X and X is no where to be seen.

    • Matthew

      There’s a stop on the SE side of Lake Nokomis where the Art depicted in the photo has been missing for at least two years 🙂

  • Jeffrey Swainhart

    Someone tried to burn my library a couple summers back. The window’s been broken out twice. Kind of comes w/ the territory. Generally it’s been well cared for and loved by neighbors and passers by.

    • Jeff C.

      I don’t understand people sometimes… 🙁

    • Kassie

      I want a Little Library pretty badly. I think this summer it will happen, even if jerk kids (I assume it is kids) breakout windows or start fires. Of course, I also hear there is lots of stealing from the them too, but that stamping the books helps cut that down. Have you had a lot of stealing?

      • Jeffrey Swainhart

        People occasionally clear out the library. My neighbor suggested that someone might be selling the books. I made a rubber stamp: “This book belongs to Little Free Library, please use and return to this or another LF library” I put the neighbors kid in charge of the stamp.That seemed to help. I’ve also gotten plenty of religious tracts etc that I will sometimes pull if it gets to be too much. I highly recommend the libraries.