Age, personality, politics conspire to deny us a historic moment

There hasn’t been — and there isn’t going to be — anything classy or dignified about the transition of power in the United States and that pretty much is the way Americans have decided they want it.

Too bad. We’re missing out on some history we’ll never again likely have the opportunity to witness: Six living presidents all together. The only other time we’ve had six presidents alive at the same time is between 1992 and 1994 — Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton — and I’ve yet to find a photo of all of them together.

Not like the one we got eight years ago when we had five of them.


This picture from 2013 was even more remarkable. At the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, the five lined up according to their service.

So far, only President Jimmy Carter has confirmed he’ll attend the inauguration of a new president next month. George H.W. Bush is too infirmed to attend.