Second chance for football team that played adult in kids’ game

A dispatch has arrived from the Department of There’s Nothing Wrong With Youth Sports That Fewer Adults Won’t Cure:

The Capital City Buccaneers, a Rhode Island youth football team for 13- and 14-year-old players is going to be allowed to play in its league again, WLNE TV reports.

It’s a second chance for the team after it put an adult in to play for the team in a game last month.

“Sometimes you have to make decisions based off a whole, not a part. We certainly felt terrible for no other reason than the kids who were going to be affected by bad decisions on the field,” says League VP, Nelson Pedro.

The founder of the team fired the coach who inserted the 19-year-old in to play against the kids.

“I could zoom right in and see the facial hair,” parent Kevin Stockwell said. “You know most 13 year olds are starting to get facial hair. This gentleman had facial hair and had arm tattoos.”


  • BJ

    I wrote a whole thing. Deleted it. I’ll just leave this: WTF is wrong with people.

    • Mike Worcester

      I tried to type something also and just could not. It’s just……sheesh people…..

  • Ralphy

    I coached a park-rec team of 11&12 year old kids. What a nightmare.
    The park had so many kids sign up, there were enough for two teams. The other coach suggested a “draft”. He had been coaching at the park for several summers and knew many of the players. We were new to the neighborhood, didn’t know any of the players. I asked that he divide the teams fairly. Well, we ended up with a team that didn’t have one single player that had ever pitched or played catcher, and every first-year, never played before kid.
    The other team not only had all the experienced players, but he snuck three players from that past spring’s high school 9th grade team (he was an assistant varsity coach) and a handful of right-aged kids that played together on a traveling team.
    Classy guy, totally into facilitating a positive experience for all the kids ( :-/

    • tboom

      That’s us in 2016, win at all costs … even if it has no meaning whatsoever.

  • Gary F

    Just can’t think of how that coach could have even thought of doing this.