In display of sportsmanship, ‘The Mayor’ gets his TD

One of the most impressive aspects of this collaboration between high school coaches to allow a young man to get the thrill of scoring a touchdown in a football game yesterday is that the game was early and close when he did it.

It happened during the traditional Thanksgiving game between Audubon High School and Haddon Township in New Jersey.

Michael Arechavala, who has Down Syndrome, is known as “the mayor” in his high school, reports.

“Football is a fraternity,” Haddon Township coach Mike Sheridan said. “You try to win. We’re all competitors. But at the end of the day, we’re all brothers.”

Audubon coach Dom Koehl says he and his assistants decided early in the season they wanted to do something special to honor the senior’s contributions to the team.


His team practiced the play last week. The opponents practiced it too.

“That’s what I love about this town,” Koehl said. “I always say there are two days when Audubon represents the American Dream, the 4th of July and today.

“You could see it. You could feel it, how special it was for everybody to be a part of this.”

  • rallysocks

    That’s the best one yet!

  • Will

    That was charity not football, am I cruel or crazy for saying that??? I’m sorry but that’s not sport where everyone was putting effort forth…that was a symptom of the everyone needs a trophy attitude.

    • tboom

      I KNOW YOU!!!

      You’re the guy I see all the time, walking around muttering bah-humbug to yourself.

    • No, “cruel” isn’t the word we’re thinking of.

      • Will

        I don’t have a problem with adaptive sports, by all means, let people with disabilities play those sports and we can see these moments happen…now it’s come to the point where teams let another team score because someone with a disability wants to have their moment. Sure let’s give everyone 30’s on their ACTs too even though they don’t deserve it…fantastic!

        • I think the coach is more informed than the chattering class whether a player on his team does or doesn’t deserve a moment and it doesn’t seem to have hurt his team at all.

          If the trolls also get something to whine about, well, I suspect it probably makes their day too.

          • Will

            Where do we draw the line and when do we learn to say no? This is the reason Trump won the election.

          • Trump won the election because a football coach rewarded a kid with Down Syndrome who showed up for practice for four years?

            I see.

            Have some more cranberry sauce and relax a little bit, son.

            It’s gonna be OK.

          • Will

            Remember the whole discussion about seriously but not literally vs literally but not seriously? This incident didn’t cause Trump to win but it’s a symptom of where we’re at today where all you have to do is show up and now you get a free touchdown. I agree this issue isn’t the end of the world and it’s not a horrible thing but it does indicate where we’re at as a society on many different levels.

          • It really doesn’t. Football coaches didn’t just start rewarding loyal kids who weren’t good enough to play but went to every practice and put in the work anyway.

            It’s happened before. It’s happened for generations. It’s going to keep happening and it’s not going to have ANY detrimental effect on the rest of the world.

            Don’t you worry, Darwinism will survive just fine.

          • RBHolb

            Remember his mocking the reporter? Welcome to Trump’s America.