Hugo man took biggest hit at Sunday’s Vikings game.

We can’t lie. We can’t stop watching this.

Bernie Beaudry, 62, of Hugo, a sound technician for Fox Sports, was a little late getting to his spot on the sideline at U.S. Bank Stadium yesterday and paid the price for his tardiness as the Vikings took the field.

“It was the stupidest thing in 20 years doing this job,” Beaudry tells the Pioneer Press. “I only saw the smoke. I didn’t see anybody coming, and then, boom!”

Let’s take a closer look:

  • wjc

    Ouch! Didn’t he have to go through the concussion protocol? ;^)

  • >>I only saw the smoke. I didn’t see anybody coming, and then, boom!<<

    Where there's smoke…

    • Jerry

      …there’s 330lb defensive tackles? I don’t think that is how the saying goes.

  • Matt Black

    This made it on to the French Language sports show we were watching in Montreal last night. Quite the hit!

  • Jeff

    Clearly a flop.

    Also, for us Vikings fans we’re lucky Joseph and Robison didn’t get hurt.

  • crystals

    Did you see the cross country runner get taken out by a deer last week? OMG.

  • Zachary

    He’s gonna be on the blooper reel for years to come!

  • Bob Sinclair

    In photo #3 in the gallery it looks like #96 left his feet to hit the sound guy. Does this mean he should have had a 10 min misconduct and been ejected from the game?