Follow up: Seat belt shaming

A few weeks ago in this space, we discussed whether “seat belt shaming” is an appropriate response in the wake of car crashes in which someone is killed.

Some of you debated whether there’s “shaming” going on at all. A fair enough point.

So we call your attention to a story from WCCO today in which the family of a young girl killed in a Wisconsin roll-over appears to have pushed back against suggestions made in the media that she wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

On Wednesday the family of Kyra Hayes, 16, insisted that evidence shows she was strapped in. And now the authorities have confirmed that, indeed, she was wearing a seat belt.

  • Rob

    News flash: Reporters make mistakes. Occasionally, the result is a story that ends up unintentionally rubbing salt in a family’s emotional wounds. But I am still solidly in the camp that feels there is no shaming of the victim on a reporter’s part when he or she files a story in which it is stated, per crash investigators’ findings, that not wearing a seat belt played a primary and indispensable role in a car crash victim’s death. The lede is the lede.