Election Night live

MPR News’ best and brightest are providing live updates on the election. I’ll be contributing occasional observations below, too. But we’d like your analysis and thoughts in the comments section to further our conversation.

  • On the question I raised in the blog about data as suppression, here’s a good Politico article on the subject.


  • JamieHX

    Florida just went to Trump. I’m sick to my stomach.

  • Anna

    America just hit an iceberg and we are going down by the head.

  • Khatti

    Well…we’ve at least been through this once with Jesse–though Jesse was a far, far better politician.

    • John O.

      Jesse never had the power to influence global financial markets. Trump does.

      • Khatti

        Sigh. True enough.

  • tboom
  • Rob

    The clusterf+!k of the kakistocracy has begun. Paul Krugman of the NYT wonders whether the election outcome indicates that we have become a failed state; IMHO, the answer is yes.