Biden memes save Internet

The online star of the postgame show for American’s Election Day has turned out to be a guy who’s going to be out of work in two months.

Rest assured, Joe Biden will be just fine.

But he’s spent the last eight years playing second banana to a popular — now, anyway — president. In a hot meme rush in the last week, he leads a quixotic effort to make life miserable for Donald Trump and the Republicans while Obama plays the adult in the room.

The Guardian today considers how this happened.

The post-election Joe Biden in these latest memes has been specially updated for the occasion. He’s bitter, petty and unable to play along with the dignified charade of transition, a class-clown hero. Above all, he appears convinced that, in the present circumstances, only pointless, completely idiotic gestures will suffice. For a lot of Americans, that captures the mood perfectly.