Bicyclist has compassion for woman who struck him

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if the world were a little more like Jacob Carrigan.

He’s the bicyclist who was struck by a woman who was fleeing in her vehicle after allegedly trying to hang a young child in Minneapolis.

“I’m trying to make the most of this,” Carrigan tells KARE 11. “I’m so grateful that nobody died.”

The woman, who is not identified, had already struck and dragged one pedestrian and was bearing down on Carrigan, who, KARE 11 says, rides his bike everywhere.

Carrigan is one of the few who has considered the possibility that the woman was suffering a mental health crisis, particularly after hearing she tried to jump to her death after hitting him.

“Kind of immediately wanted to feel compassion for like what could lead them to the circumstances,” Carrigan said.

Which is a great question. What leads a woman to such acts, and how could she have gotten access to the care to prevent it?

“I definitely don’t want her to be just locked up and neglected,” Carrigan told the TV station.

The authorities are expected to charge the woman this week.

  • jon

    Saw this about him on facebook.

    Apparently he has helped me with my “meat” selection in the past…
    22 hours and his gofundme site is just past his $5k goal ($5,250 right now)

    • I’m glad he wasn’t seriously injured, but It’s pretty damn sad that we, as a nation, have to start gofundme pages for medical bills…

      • Anna

        Agreed. It makes absolutely no sense when 95% of the rest of developed nations at least provide basic healthcare for their citizens.

        We need a government sponsored health plan for EVERY citizen including this woman who obviously had a psychotic break and likely not to get any help at all if past history serves.

        Healthcare is a right not a privilege. Privilege only works for the privileged as in the independently wealthy who don’t need health insurance to begin with. They can afford to pay for their catastrophic illnesses out of pocket.

        • Flarg Targus

          We also keep electing people who have zero interest in the welfare of their constituents. So, we really do it to ourselves.

          • Anna

            Maybe we need to switch to a parliamentary government with a prime minister. At least Canada, Great Britain and Australia have a National Health System.

            While it’s not perfect, it’s a hell of a lot better than letting chronic disease processes go undiagnosed and untreated until the cost for treatment gets exorbitantly high.

      • jon

        And in this particular case the link was posted by his employer… who are strangely entangled in this health care mess we call a system.

      • Kassie

        Since he is only asking for $5000, he must have insurance. While there will be co-pays and the like, it is probably more to cover things like his rent and the taxis he will have to take to get to medical appointments since it seems he only bicycles and doesn’t have a car.

  • Barton

    He seems to be keeping his sense of humor fairly well. He also posted a photo of his mangled bike on the FB bicycle trading post page: “Might need trued wheels, brake adjustment.”

    I find it interesting that the driver’s name has still not been released. There seems to be little rhyme or reason as to when names are “released” (really more likely revealed by the media versus released by the police…. maybe).

    • Kassie

      Could be a minor? More likely, they haven’t been charged with anything as they are in psychiatric care for the time being.

      • She’s 42.

        w.r.t. no releasing it. She hasn’t been charged yet.

        • Dan

          They did name her in the story “Client speaks glowingly of Mpls. day care provider accused of hanging toddler”

  • KTFoley

    City Pages named her in its article about Mr. Corrigan, but then again that’s City Pages.