1,000 Words: The reaction


(h/t: Cody Nelson)

  • BJ
    • Cool, I can qualify…

      I’ll have to get rid of some firearms, but can probably bring my hockey gear.

      • Bob Sinclair

        Can’t play hockey with guns…

    • Ben

      Looks like they’re pushing Quebec, maybe you can get a special deal if you agree to go there.

      • Jack

        Better know French if you move there. There’s only one English speaking enclave in the province. If you have kids, they would need to pass a French language proficiency test in order to graduate from high school – at least it was the case when my cousins lived there.

        Don’t forget that Quebec has tried to secede from Canada many times over the past century.

  • MarkUp

    Between this and Brexit, it’s pretty clear the Western world is collapsing in on itself.

    • jon

      Yeah, but with the korean peninsula, the south china sea, and putin consolidating power, the eastern world doesn’t look particularly promising either….

      Think maybe the Aussies want an influx of refugees from America?

      • I’ll change my name to “Bruce”. Fair dinkum.

      • MarkUp

        Unless they have a great craft beer culture, I’ll Surly stay in Minnesota.

        • Rob

          And I, for one, will surely be quaffing more Surlies than usual during the next four years.

          • Ben

            +1, haha

      • Jerry

        My impression is that Australia is not a liberal country

        • Tim

          Nor is all of Canada. After all, Harper was PM for nine years, and then of course there was Rob Ford in Toronto. They are just as susceptible to changing political winds as any other country.

          • Jerry

            True, but I haven’t heard of them exiling Afghan refugees to a god-forsaken Pacific island.

        • jon

          At this point the question is only will it be a country in 4 years…

    • Gary F

      Or, just the opposite. The world is realizing big government is not sustainable. But it may be too late, the amount of people in the wagon may be to many for the wagon pullers to pull or want to pull.

      It doesn’t that they can’t pull, it means they wont pull.

      • Ennio S.

        Are you still moving to Dakota county soon or staying put since Trump won?

        • Gary F

          As long as I’m married to my first wife I go where she goes. But if she were to die before me and I’m of working age, I move to Sioux Falls, if retired, I move to the Black Hills.

          • Rob

            You can’t get redder than South Dakota, so that would be a good affinity move for you.

        • Gary F

          Not that enthused about Trump, just damn happy Hillary lost.

      • Tyler

        Or perhaps big government is a symptom of big business’ regulatory capture of government, and *that* is what is unsustainable.

      • Rob

        Booshwa. It’s not about big government, it’s about what government does or doesn’t do, and who’s in charge. We are about to be governed by the most venal and least competent administration we’ve ever had, aided by the Tea Party-controlled House and Senate. Yup, it’s a good thing you didn’t vote for Hillary.

  • Anna

    I bookmarked the Cape Breton, Nova Scotia website “FAQ – Cape Breton if Donald Trump Wins” on my computer back in March as soon as I saw the news story about it.

    The immigration link listed on their website is also down but they do have links to real estate websites and employment websites.

    At least that’s a start.

    • Mike Worcester

      I’ve been to Cape Breton. It’s gorgeous! 🙂

  • Carol S.

    Since my first trip to Australia back in 2002, I’ve though that country would be a lovely place to retire to. Maybe it’s time to think about early retirement…

  • Gary F
  • Jeff

    I’m part of the Left Behind.

  • Nikki

    This is amusing, but I am disheartened. My presidential candidate did not win last night. In fact, I don’t think anyone I voted for won their election. For the first time in my life, I live in a red state. It isn’t a good feeling and honestly, it has me contemplating moving back to a blue state. But I suppose this is part of the problem- my desire to move to be near like-minded people on the coasts (or Minnesota and Illinois) will only hollow out what’s left of progressives in the middle of the country. Isolating myself and continuing to live in a little blue bubble will only polarize us further. I’ll admit, I’ve been disconnected from the realities of the lives of many of the people who supported the president-elect.

    While I am devastated, I know that I will likely be ok. Even though I’m not proud of the outcome and I am feeling anger and frustration toward 59 million Americans right now (and millions more who didn’t vote), I know the answer (for me, anyway) is not to abandon the country. I know there are millions of people who are terrified and really may need to leave the country for their safety, but there are still lots of people like me who need to realize that leaving should not be an option to entertain. There’s lots of work to do.

    • Ben Chorn

      Ugh, don’t move to Illinois.. we STILL don’t have a budget (going on over a year now).

      • Rob

        Between that and the endless killings on Chicago’s south side, Illinois sounds kind of like a failed state.

        • Gary F

          And they just elected a Republican majority in their legislature, so no more veto overides of the Republican governor.

          • Rob

            Thus guaranteeing their fate as a failed state and a bankrupt one with minimal services. God help the Illinoisians.

          • rover27

            No. The Dems still have a supermajority in the Senate and have a large majority, but not supermajority, in the House. Your comment is another example of why I trust no Republican on ANYTHING.

          • Gary F


    • Rob

      I don’t have enough energy at this point to continue fighting the good fight. I don’t plan on leaving the country (though I’d be open to it if the right opportunity presented itself), but seeking out a more progressive state to live in has a lot of appeal. At a minimum, I’ll probably follow Garrison Kiellor’ s lead, per his recent Washington Post column, wherein he says the best thing for progressives to do is stay out of the way of the coming cluster!+k as much as possible, and enjoy day to day life as much as we can.

    • Khatti

      Are you twelve years old? Two years from now you’re going to get a chance to vote a whole bunch of other people in. Four years from now the current president elect will be up for election again. You abhor living in a red state? what makes you think you haven’t been living in a red state up to now and just didn’t know it? Have you thought to ask all us outstaters why they voted for Trump in the first place? What could have have advocated two years ago that wouldn’t have persuaded your fellow Minnesotans not to vote for Trump? I didn’t vote for the man, and I don’t like it either, but there is a limit to how much this self-pity is going to help.

      • Respect each other . No name calling. I ‘m done with putting up with any Commenters who can’t discuss without potshots at other Commenters. Disagree with principled responses and leave the insults out. This is NOT negotiable.

      • Nikki

        It is clear to me that you didn’t understand my post and are reading into it what you want. I lived in New England (in a state that voted for Clinton by a margin of more than 25%) before moving to where I live now (which also isn’t Minnesota). I also admitted that I am disconnected from from the “outstaters”. If you looked through my browsing history from the past two days, you would see that I am trying to understand.

        I would ask you what you think would help, but I probably won’t be back here to read the comments.

  • Khatti

    I have a friend who’s Canadian. She’s been getting a lot of marriage proposals the last few days 🙂