Video: Flying into a hurricane

There are two amazing takeaways from this NOAA video of a “hurricane hunter” airplane flying into Hurricane Matthew.

One is the amazing power and structure of a hurricane.

The more amazing takeaway, however, is that there are people who walk among us who willingly fly into a hurricane.

You can track the flights of the plane — known as “Miss Piggy” — on FlightAware.

  • >>You can track the flights of the plane — known as “Miss Piggy” — on FlightAware.<<

    Named after Alicia Machado according to DJT…

  • As an aside, I have been getting updates via FB from a controller at MIA that I know…

    According to him, nothing is happening in the tower but were preparing for cannibalism if need be.

  • KTFoley

    Two thoughts.

    Flying into the eye of the hurricane must have a parallel to climbing up to the peak of a mountain. Reaching the top/eye is desired but reaching the bottom/hangar is required, yes?

    Also, this non-pilot’s eye is drawn to the rabbit’s foot hanging near the top of the windscreen.

  • Suzanne

    My brother did this when he was an intern at the National Hurricane Center in Miami! (He was not flying the plane.) He is now a meteorologist.