The real heroes of radio

On those rare occasions when I still provide tours of Minnesota Public Radio, I like to always point out the “iceberg” of radio, the number of people you don’t hear who are chiefly responsible for what you do. Last year, for example, I wrote about the role of radio talk show producers — the “daily heroes” as I call them.

So it’s gratifying to see some of the real geniuses of the joint getting some well-deserved attention in The Current’s just released behind-the-scenes video.

Heroes and artists. Every one of them.

  • Zachary

    I used to volunteer during pledge drives at the… ahem… “College-Based Classical Music” station before it was “absorbed” by a larger entity – and it always amazed me how busy it was around there. Lots of unseen (unheard?) people that make it all happen. Big shout out to the producers, lackies, flunkies, interns, volunteers or whatever they go by these days for making it all happen!

  • Tyler

    It’s too bad Cities 97 no longer plays the bands they record for their annual Cities Sampler.

    • Zachary

      It’s probably a good thing they don’t. If they still did, they might still have Brian Oake 🙁