Stop rocking out and move over for the ambulance

The Crystal Police Department says on its Facebook page today that it’s not out to shame the driver who wouldn’t get out of the way of an ambulance. Fortunately, NewsCut is under no such constraints. We’ve had our fill of knuckleheads on our roadways.

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(h/t: Nancy Yang)

  • Mike Worcester

    I’m going to guess that pretty much every reader of these pages has a story or five to share about drivers who fail/refuse to yield the right-of-way to emergency vehicles.

  • Keep on rocking in the fast lane!

    /Sung to Neil Young’s tune…

  • Rob

    Is there a fine for not being aware of and not moving out of the way of an emergency vehicle? If not, there should be. Plus, if you’re rocking out to hair metal instead of indie rock, a higher fine should be levied…

    • Petty misdemeanor. Maximum fine: $300

      • Rob

        Yet another Life is Cheap example.

  • Jeff
  • Jeff C.

    When I got my driver’s license (in Massachusetts in the 1980s) I learned it was against the law to drive with headphones on. It became clear to me that I was more likely to hear sirens with the music playing loudly from the radio than with music from my Walkman playing softly through my headphones. Is it legal in MN to drive with earbuds in your ears?

    • Subd. 2.Use of headphones in vehicle. (a) No person, while operating a motor vehicle, shall wear headphones or earphones that are used in both ears simultaneously for purposes of receiving or listening to broadcasts or reproductions from radios, tape decks, or other sound-producing or transmitting devices.
      (b) Paragraph (a) does not prohibit:
      (1) the use of a hearing aid device by a person who needs the device;
      (2) the use of a communication headset by a firefighter while operating a fire department emergency vehicle in response to an emergency; or
      (3) the use of a communication headset by an emergency medical services person while operating an ambulance subject to section 144E.101.

    • Mike Worcester

      In the early days of Walkmans and Discmans, I encountered many of my peers who really did not see the big deal about driving with headphones on. To think that drivers now have so many other potential distractions on their dash? Egads!