St. Paul, 4:53 p.m. – Part 2

Earlier in the week, I posted this picture of a severe case of gridlock in downtown St. Paul on a fairly typical Tuesday afternoon at 4:53 p.m.


Just for kicks, here’s a typical Friday afternoon at 4:53 p.m.


Have a weekend!

  • Jack

    To be fair, it is a beautiful weather day. Is it EM/MEA weekend?

  • joetron2030

    What? No one works on Fridays in St. Paul? Or do they all leave early?

    EDIT: I’m still at work (but I don’t work in St. Paul).

    • It’s that way through the summer (at least). It’s not just a St. Paul thing.

      Pheasant hunting season is this weekend. Vikings bye week. Maybe that has something to do with it too.

    • 212944

      Whoever drives the light blue or silver mini-van facing the camera on the left of the photo either has amazing consistency or is still chained to the desk.

  • Leroy

    So the solution to our traffic problems isn’t more roads / mass transit. Apparently the solution is to change the calendar around so that all work days are Friday’s.


    • jon

      I think it’s a reasonable approach.

      I worked at a call center, we needed coverage starting at 6 am and run till 10pm, volume usually peaked either side of lunch time.

      We managed our schedules so we didn’t have to deal with rush hour… no need for any of us to sit in traffic if we could manage to get our coverage with out doing that. (I actually did start during early edge of rush hour… but I biked to work on nice days… only a half mile commute back then, so rush hour didnt’ really effect me much even in the car.)

      Seems like there should be enough flexibility in work schedules that more people can travel outside of rush hour…

  • Mike Worcester

    Is that a 4-way stop intersection or 2-way? Not that it makes any difference as the people sitting in the intersection are not exactly helping the flow of traffic. Makes me glad for my cross-country commute that features only five stoplights (soon to be six).

    • two-way. It’s always interesting to watch people blow through while people are standing waiting to cross in the crosswalk.

  • Gary F

    At least we know Bob’s not punching out at five and home by 3:30.

    • Yeah, and remember my day starts at 530 *AM*

      • Gary F

        He’s a company man.

      • Jeff C.

        What are the call letters of 530 AM? Are you on the air? 🙂

  • Will

    Yep, it’s hunting season…

  • blindeke

    very mysterious!

  • jon

    Didn’t see this until today (because I don’t work that late on fridays and I don’t check my computer much on the weekends)

    Is that the same van parked in the same place both Tuesday and Friday?