School choir sings last song for their teacher

Here’s your daily dose of bittersweetness:

The kids in Alvin Junior High School in Texas learned the lesson we all have to learn sooner or later and made the best of it.

Their music teacher, Mariana Walker, 69, lay dying inside her home last Wednesday. So they gathered outside, and when the front door was opened, their voices carried inside.

“We had the windows open. We had the screen door open and she could hear that,” Walker’s daughter Alyx Vesey told KTRK. “I think that gave her a lot of peace.”

Walker died a few minutes later. Her funeral is being held today.

(h/t: James Catalano)

  • Anna

    Was it St. Augustine who famously said, “The person who sings, prays twice.”

    Keep posting these bittersweet stories, Bob. I’m sure all of the regular commentators on this blog have been crying all afternoon. I just got home and I am still teary eyed.

    Hearing is the last sense to fade for a dying person. Music is a powerful anti-anxiety drug.

    “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”
    “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”

    Hats off to the administrators of Alvin Junior High School and to the parents of these exceptional children.