Presidential campaign enters its ‘Weird Al’ phase

The surest sign that a once-functioning democracy is in its final days is when the New York Times turns to Weird Al Yankovic to analyze a presidential debate.

The latest Times’ op-doc features Yankovic and The Gregory Brothers teaming up to try to make us feel better, just as the dance band on the Titanic did.


One thing we’ve learned is that the hidden songs of the cosmos are full of surprises. When you take an unintentional singer and unveil the beautiful melody inside his or her spoken words, you never know what you’ll find. An uplifting, peppy ditty? An inspiring ballad? Occasionally you get really lucky and it’s a tasty Viennese waltz.

But we can’t say we were shocked that songifying the final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump revealed a terrifying space opera about bad hombres and nasty women. So terrifying, in fact, that it ripped open a wormhole to another dimension, and pulled an unsuspecting Weird Al Yankovic in from his home in a parallel universe to moderate the whole thing. Sorry about that, Weird Al. You deserve better than this. Don’t we all?

  • Gary F

    Still kinda wondering why those two got invited to a Catholic fundraiser?

    • It’s a traditional political event. You can’t be a politician and not go to the Al Smith dinner. And you can’t be Timothy Dolan without keeping all the powerful politicians close by.

      • Gary F

        I think if they didn’t invite these two clowns, and broke tradition, it would go along way with the faithful.

        • Jack Ungerleider

          This isn’t about the faithful its about money for Catholic Charities.

        • The faithful aren’t really that important. This is about power of an institution. Al Smith has always been about the political power of the institution.

          The “faithful”? Meh. That’s the thing about faith. The faithful will always be there. Politicians? Not without some effort and reward.

          • tboom

            Woh Bob, just a little bit cynical.

    • Zachary

      As fundraising logic goes – this makes about as much sense as inviting the Wicked Witch of the West to your Car Wash fundraiser, or Jabba the Hutt to your Cake Raffle. It’s really only going to end one way – badly.

  • jon

    The donald trump dancing visual (around 2:00) was wonderful.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    Great video. As good or better than the Bad Lip Reading video of the first debate.

  • lindblomeagles

    It’s interesting our opinions (Weird Al’s too) about Candidate Clinton and Candidate Trump are negative given WE, the voting public, kept asking about emails, computer hackers, immigrants and their jobs and religion, truthfulness and deceit, sex scandals and male reformists. Sure, the candidates helped our attention fixate on “soft skills” and divisive controversy to win votes. But, is Chris Wallace the only American interested in talking about the issues? According to our opinions regarding this campaign absolutely not; and yet, we, as a nation, COULD NOT organize ourselves into a meaningful protest FOR the issues, despite witnessing “Black Lives Matter” do this for the past two years. Some years back, the 99% movement, which had a following in downtown Minneapolis, created a movement to discuss one of the issues, which, ironically, started online. Our disgust of the contentious debates should do more than motivate us to point fingers at the left and the right. We instead should use these electronic spaces to discuss and solve the issues together, collaboratively, and present our model to the next US Presidential Race. We have 4 years to come together, and all the evidence from 2016 showing just how unproductive it is to stake out “all or nothing” positions within a party and the rest of the electorate.