Mysteries on the obituary page

At first, it seemed like a mistake on Saturday’s (and Sunday’s) obituary page in the Star Tribune.

Two people, same picture. Some mistake.

But it’s not a mistake, a careful reading of the obituaries for Kimberly Gail Rust and and Caitlin Rowan reveals. They are the same person.



Of the approximately seven funeral homes in the Zanesville, Ohio area, none lists an obituary for either Ms. Rust or Ms. Rowan.

We are turning to the Internet to solve the mystery.

Do that thing you do, Internet.

[Update 3:27 p.m. ] — Mystery solved. Sort of. She changed her name to Rowan in 1984, a reader advises.

  • Will
  • ggmsp

    Bob – does show a Wesley D. Rust, aged 65+, living in Lakeville. Perhaps drop him a line?

  • MrE85

    Mrs. Lungs called my attention to this. I told her Bob Collins will find out. You don’t disappoint.

  • PP

    What do you mean the mystery was solved “sort of”? What’s missing?

    • Kassie

      I suppose why a person completely changes their full name.

      There are like a half dozen reasons that most people change their names, but she doesn’t seem to fit in any of those, so it makes me wonder why she decided to start going by a completely different name. And actually, the dual obituary makes it seem to me that she went by both names.

  • Jeff C.

    I’d like to know why she requested that no services be held.