Intruder documents his break-in into Rochester newsroom

The social media generation has given us a new type of criminal; the type to break into buildings just to take video of breaking into buildings.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin reports someone broke into its newsroom on Sunday night, apparently only to document the break-in.

Once inside, the man records video of his trip through the mostly empty building, turning around at the newsroom when he hears, then sees, a sports reporter at his desk.

“I start to hear voice(s)?” he writes, spots the reporter, then heads back down a hallway. “LOL,” he writes. The rest of the video is of his path back through the building.

Acting on a tip that KAAL-TV received from a viewer, Post-Bulletin officials were made aware of the break-in, then contacted Rochester police, who are investigating.

“We take the safety of our staff very seriously,” said Christy Blade, PB general manager. “We are evaluating the security of our building and will be implementing improved security measures to prevent future incidents.”


At least the video should be helpful to show authorities where exactly to look for fingerprints.

(h/t: Mike Dougherty)