In Wisconsin, no one messes with his inflatable Minnesota Viking

Here’s another installment of our occasional series, “Why Baseball is Better Than Football.”

Today’s reason: Because you don’t ever hear about people being stabbed over giant inflatable baseball players.

It happened in Stoughton — wait for it — Wisconsin, according to the State Journal.

The incident occurred in the 700 block of South Van Buren Street a little after 7:10 p.m., police said, when a 36-year-old man confronted the person damaging the inflatable in his front yard. The confrontation turned physical, leading to the resident being sliced multiple times by a box cutter, police said.

“You hear him slicing this guy up, come outside, and ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ Confront the guy,” Dave Moschel, the owner of the inflatable, tells WISC TV. “He takes his razor knife or whatever he had in his hand and we just go on the ground and start rifling around.”

Moschel says he could’ve shot the perp.

“Luckily, I didn’t have my concealed carry on me at the time,” Moschel said. “Ninety-nine percent of the time I leave the house, I never leave without it. And this is the one time I did. I’m kind of glad I did, because he would have been dead, and I would have had to live with that.”

Or you could just take a knee, sir, de-escalate, and think about whether an inflatable Minnesota Viking is worth killing someone for. For the record, it’s about $130.

Moschel says he’s going to buy some duct tape and make a stand.

The Vikings have invited him to a game later in the season.

  • Jerry

    Haven’t several people been almost beaten to death at Dodger Stadium? I don’t know if any sport can claim moral superiority over others. Women’s sports are usually the exception.

  • Mike

    And in a time when our elites preach austerity for the masses, when we supposedly can’t afford transportation infrastructure, universal healthcare, or free college, they can find $500 million of taxpayer money to see to it that yahoos have a unifying reason to dress in costumes and get drunk on Sunday afternoons. Clearly our priorities are in order.

    • Tim

      Panem et circenses (bread and circuses). The Romans knew what it was all about.

  • >>Or you could just take a knee, sir, and think about whether an inflatable Minnesota Viking is worth killing someone for.<<

    It would have been in self defense, not over the inflatable Viking.

    This incident sounds like the "Viking Slicer" was busy doing his thing to the inflatable Viking, and was startled by the owner of said Viking and took to doing his thing (slicing) on the owner of said inflatable Viking.

    • Best self defense: De-escalate and walk away.

      • MrE85

        True. But sometime the appeal of using an axe handle is just too great.

      • Casey

        Tell the guy with the knife that Bob. Maybe the bad guy that sliced up this poor fan will welcome him self into your house one day unexpectedly that is. That stuff can happen to anyone we wish for a perfect nonviolent world but this is not. You have to be able to defend yourself buddy PS we are not all morons out here.

        • Absolutely true. We can be victims of violence in any number of scenarios. I’m no fan of getting stabbed.

          But that’s not really the issue. The issue is taking steps to insure that a situation doesn’t escalate to violence.

          There’s reason why the Castle Doctrine doesn’t include your front lawn. I’m not responsible for that reason.

          • Casey

            The lesson to this story is respect people’s private property, don’t commit felony assault against people that confront you if you are on their property destroying it . Maybe admit you are a idiot and that you will pay for the damages. Do these simple things and you will never have to worry about the law abiding citizens that have carry permits shooting you. Because on average carry permit holders have cleaner records than the average cop does.

          • Sure. Again, that goes without saying. Don’t break the law. It’s not even about concealed carry. Sure, most CC’ers I know are top of the line people. That’s not an issue either.

            The issue is don’t get into a situation where you’re losing your house because of the legal bills associated with having killed someone who was cutting up your Minnesota Viking doll. And that’s the under the best scenario. The second-best scenario is don’t get yourself killed over a Minnesota Vikings doll.

            The exception is if the Minnesota Viking on your front lawn is real.

          • Casey

            What do you suppose was going through the mind of jerk that committed these crimes ? It’s too bad this fan could not put up his viking in his yard just for fun and not end up all sliced up he did nothing wrong. I have no idea why you are going after him like a bully maybe you should back down and leave him alone and De-escalate yourself.

          • Sunday evening in Wisconsin? I would hazard a guess and say alcohol was going through his brain.

    • Jasper

      Agreed; let’s not make this look like some potential crazed citizen shooting someone because of his inflatable viking. This was about the crazed razor blade attacker acting bizarrely because the owner of the private property he was destroying, confronted said trespasser. Looking at his wounds I’d say he would have had every right to shoot that dangerous nut job.

      • Kassie

        Why confront them? Why escalate the situation so self-defense is needed? Just call the police, keep yourself away from the situation, and realize that things are just things and can be replaced.

    • Rob

      No confrontation over cheesy inflatable object, no slicing.

      • I’m thinking the “confrontation” may have amounted to, “Hey, what are you doing?”

  • Joe

    In addition to all the incidents in California listed below, in a one-year span in 2007 and 2008, all this happened:

    *Michael Anthony killed his mother after she tried to stop him from breaking the TV after a Mets loss
    *Yankees fan Ivonne Hernandez rammed into a group of Red Sox fans outside a New Hampshire bar, killing Red Sox fan Matthew Beaudoin.
    *Red Sox fans beat a Yankees fan outside a bar in Cambridge, Massachusetts because he was wearing a Yankees cap
    *Robert Ulmer was beaten and killed by two Cubs fans
    *Red Sox fan Monte Freire was stabbed by Yankees fan John Mayor

    • I won $10 this morning betting that this would be posted.

      • Joe

        Well when you start a post talking about how baseball is superior because there isn’t fan violence, and there is lots of evidence to the contrary, I would guess that is a smart bet to make, though I’m not sure who took you up on it.

        • It was easy money and I get to move my retirement day up by one day, which gives me one more day to go watch a superior sport.

          • Jerry

            Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you troll.

  • Casey

    The first thing I would have done is go outside to see what the heck was going on. Not expecting violence but when it turned violent…..let’s be serious if someone is carving you up like a Thanksgiving turkey the last thing on your mind would be the inflatable Viking doll. If that man would’ve got shot it would’ve been his own fault because there’s no way to tell if the Viking fan was going to be killed !
    Let’s write a different headline if the outcome was different Viking fan has throat cut and dies on the scene when confronting someone destroyed his personal property….. get my drift.

    • I used to cover courts for a living and I rarely saw people fighting a homicide charge that intended for some confrontation to turn violent.

      It was always sad. Normal people who made bad decisions — often testosterone fueled decisions — that put themselves in a position where it could.

      It’s very much like the case of the guy who went fishing on the St. Croix, not intending to end up dead. But two groups started shouting at each other across the river and the next thing you know someone’s dead, and someone else has legal fees to fight it.

      • Casey

        So why is your article about trashing the victim and not the perpetrator? Would you say that a girl who killed a guy who was rapping her was at fault because it was only her virginity or that she had had s-x before? It is called blame the bad guy with the knife one more time blame the bad guy with the knife !!!

        • Well, for one thing, it goes without saying that nobody should stab a guy. It’s kinda silly to have to point that out.

          But the gentleman in question is the one who raised the concealed carry component and that’s an interesting question that gets to the old issues in the debate around concealed carry.

          We can obviously say that if he had shot the guy dead, it was about being stabbed. No quibble with that argument.

          But at the end of the day, it’s a fight about a blow-up Minnesota Viking doll and my opinion is it’s stupid to get yourself into a situation in which you or someone else dies because of a Minnesota Viking blow-up doll.