In reversal, Nordstrom to ban drug-themed merchandise

Moschino? More like NOschino, at least at Nordstrom.

Because of pressure exerted by people like a Minneapolis drug counselor, Nordstrom has agreed to pull a drug-themed accessories line from the Italian luxury house, Moschino.

Earlier this week, a Nordstrom spokesman rejected the complaint from Randy Anderson, of Minneapolis, who said the line sends the wrong message. “We serve many different customers who each have unique tastes, which is why we try to offer a wide range of products,” the spokesperson said.

Today, however, the department store reversed course and will no longer sell the merchandise, something Anderson calls a “huge win.”

  • Adam Silber

    Nordstrom should have kept the line …a former drug addict by his own admission thinks a plastic purse sends a wrong message…Sad..

    • Jack

      Disagree. He saved Nordstrom from a loss on the line.

      I’ve never done drugs and think it is completely appalling too.

  • MrE85

    Let the story hang out there long enough to damage your rep, then ditch the silly-looking things like you should have from beginning. Brilliant PR move, Nordie.

  • Gary F

    I always like to say this. “I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that closed door meeting”.