Girl’s tennis team that never loses… loses

The last time the people of Edina knew what it was like not to win the girl’s state tennis tournament, there was a Clinton in the White House, the Dow was breaking through 6,000, Princess Diana and Prince Charles were still married, and the DVD player had just been introduced.

Edina’s girls won the Class 2A tennis title in 1997 and it’s won the title every year since then.

Until this morning.

In a semifinal match today, Edina lost to fifth-seed Mahtomedi 4-to-3.

The 19 straight titles is a national record, the Minnesota State High School League reports.

In second place when it comes to title streaks? Edina, which won 15 straight between 1978 and 1992.

  • Nikki

    I played high school tennis in the mid-2000s, but moved away from the state in 2011. I forgot about their streak until this post. I seem to recall that Edina was so dominant that it was rare for even one of their players to lose a match.

  • Angry Jonny

    Why does it not surprise me that Edina would have a tennis legacy?