Fargo boy mows lawns for a gravestone

Brandon Bakke, 11, spent the summer mowing lawns around his South Fargo neighborhood. He was trying to make a little money.

Bakke, a sixth-grader, is adopted and he never met his father. But he found out his biological father died in Chicago and is buried in an unmarked grave.

“I don’t think anybody should go unknown in life, even though their choices they made or anything,” Brandon tells WDAY.

So he mowed lawns.

He made money.

And he bought his father a headstone.

  • Veronica

    And now I’m crying.

  • mnboy67

    Being an adopted person as well who recently located my birth father who passed away I completely relate and understand the feelings that he has and why he did what he did. Excellent find as always Mr. Collins!

  • Gary F

    A Friday post on Wednesday. Thank you.