Did Dylan deserve a Nobel?

There’s nothing we like better than bathing in the reflected glow of additional fame heaped on someone who couldn’t wait to get out of Minnesota. So, when Bob Dylan, who first name is actually not “Minnesota native”, was named the recipient of the Nobel Prize for literature today, we instinctively wrapped our arms around “one of us” and — again, let’s face it — claimed the prize as our own.

This, of course, prevented us from having the much more intellectually stimulating conversation: Should Bob Dylan — hell of a songwriter — be getting the Nobel Prize for literature?

Fortunately, not everyone in the world is from Minnesota, so the conversation is taking place on Twitter, where other states’ famous people are debating the question, as monitored by CNBC.


There’s always the question of who should have won the prize today if not Dylan?

“This Nobel is therefore a sort of lifetime achievement award, which certainly recognizes the great Dylan talent in writing lyrics, but just as certainly must not have pleased the real writers, those who – like Don DeLillo, Philip Roth and Haruki Murakami, all possible winners – know the enormous effort that involves writing a novel,” L’Osservatore Romano, a Vatican newspaper, opines.

And even if you don’t agree with the award, you’ve got to celebrate the fact that in the middle of this cesspool of a political campaign, we’re having a debate about worthy literature.

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