Clown terror sweeps nation

We’re not exactly Ground Zero when it comes to clowns but Minnesota is, nonetheless, well represented in the sudden, weird fascination with dressing up as a clown and frightening the landscape merely by being a clown.

We’ve had the occasional clown sighting on these pages before, of course, but now it’s become the 2016 version of the Macarena. Everyone is doing it for no good reason without consideration for how stupid it is.

Take Penn State early this morning when a report of a clown sighting sent America’s future leaders to the street in the hope that they could check “beat the snot out of a clown” off their still-fresh bucket lists.

There are no similar reactions in Minnesota that we’re aware of but we do note that a Twitter account to document the nation’s clown sightings has a few from flyover country.

Possibly? Sure. As in possibly not.

It’s only a matter of time before someone shoots a clown.

[Update 12:16 p.m.]- Farmington’s police chief invites a clown to lunch.

  • MrE85
  • Rob

    Sorry, I was just putting my clown suit away. What’s up?

  • Chris Hatch
    • Gary F

      Why an AR and not a carry pistol?

      The only thing that would kill him would be a balloon sword.

      • Why do you think it’s a “him”

        • Gary F

          Hmmm. (chin scratch) Yes, it could be a her.

          • X.A. Smith

            I think the preferred pronoun for clowns is “it.” (See Steven King)

  • Mike Worcester

    Somebody (or perhaps too many somebodies) has been watching Killer Klowns From Outer Space again….

    • Rob

      LOL. KKFOS had cheesier production values and sets than the original Star Trek television series. There may be lamer movies around, but if so, I haven’t seen ’em.

      • tboom

        Hey! With all the teleportation and phasor fire TOS had high class special effects, at least that’s the way I remember it. (Though for pure destructive capacity I much preferred photon torpedoes to phasors)

  • Jerry

    Are we sure it’s not viral marketing for the It remake that is coming out?

    • Mike Worcester

      Glad I am not the only one who was thinking that :))

  • John O.
    • Didn’t realize you can get tossed in a jail cell in Farmington for being a clown.

      • John O.

        Given the number of school shootings taking place, I understand why the gendarme might be quick to overreact.

        • Todd

          Not sure how you’re connecting students shooting up school and people in clown make up.

          • Sadie

            They mentioned the Clown spotted in the halls of apple valley highschool and how some of the clowns around have been seen armed. I understand exacting how he connected them.

          • I’ve only seen reports that clowns might be armed. Which, of course, also means they might not be.

  • tboom

    This clown stuff is nothing new, I work with a bunch of clowns and they show up every day.

    Yes, it’s scary and causes nightmares.

  • Tristan

    This is bad it is statewide and I live in Eagan and clown sighting in applevalley it’s a mater of time before they come to Egan and

  • Jennifer

    Since Gacy came to our attention, the concept of clowns went from funny to…you just don’t know what’s behind the makeup and hair. An intense fear of clowns, is a common phobia. This is all very irresponsible and endangering behavior as these people, that obviously have nothing better to do with their time- are dressing up and scaring kids and adults alike. They have officially ended jobs for real clowns. A person with an overwhelming fear of clowns- well, the sight of one could be detrimental – so lack of regard for other peoples well being and sense of safety vs. a warped sense of humor – I mean what is wrong with people these days? how did this grow into a group mentality? I would care less if one of them is killed. I wont pity their families and friends either. somewhere someone screwed these people up.