A bridge that refused to fall, falls

There are some jobs where it’s impossible to hide when you mess up. Blowing up bridges is one of them.

In Arkansas, demolition experts tried to blow up a a 93-year-old bridge yesterday morning,it being too old and all.

People lined the river banks. Kids were watching online broadcasts in school.

Then came the big moment.


The man in charge of bringing the bridge down said it probably could have stood for another 100 years.

It was brought down five hours later and the man had a good answer when he got home and was asked “how was your day?”

  • Gary F

    Does the contractor eat that one or does the structural engineer take a claim on their errors and omissions insurance?

    I was working across Cedar Ave and watched when Met Stadium was demolished. That didn’t go down as planned either.

  • John O.

    One might conclude that the low bid on this demolition project did not have enough bang for the buck.

  • Mike Worcester

    Once we get past the D’oh! factor of it all, shall we think about this — ” The man in charge of bringing the bridge down said it probably could have stood for another 100 years.”

    Sure it could have stood, but does that mean be used in the same way, with the same and likely increasing levels of traffic it may have to carry. I think about the old bridges you see in many rural areas, which were built when cars were much smaller, truck were essentially non-existent, and school buses were still a couple decades away. They were built tough, and likely could have stood for a long time, but us mortals made our vehicles bigger and bigger and used them more and more, stressing those structures. Just a thought.

    (A whole separate topic could be about how the interstate highway system became nearly obsolete before it was even finished criss-crossing the country.)

  • Rob

    Just shy of ten years ago, the city of Sioux Falls suffered a little civic embarrassment when it tried to implode the Zip Feed Mill, which at the time was, I believe, the city’s tallest structure and a long-standing landmark. Hundreds of people gathered to watch the event, and when the smoke cleared, the building was listing slightly, but that’s about it.