97-year-old vet: ‘Who’s got World Series tickets?’

If Chicago can’t rally around a 97-year old man who survived Pearl Harbor, there’s something wrong.

All you have to do, Chicago, is give up your tickets to a Cubs World Series game.

Who wants to be first to say “no” to Jim Schlegel, who still has his tickets to games six and seven of the 1945 World Series, when the Tigers beat the Cubs.

His daughter, Helen has set up a GoFundMe page to send Jim to the World Series, a neat trick since there aren’t any tickets available, meaning they’ll have to buy the tickets on the secondary market.

The $1,700 raised so far toward the $10,000 goal isn’t going to cut it. The lowest price ticket on StubHub is $1,875 for standing room only. A 97-year-old man isn’t going to stand for a ballgame. The cheapest seats will get you in the bleachers, which aren’t reserved seats.

The best seats in the house — a box seat by the dugout — will cost $40,000 each. Cubs fans may be loyal, but everyone’s got a price.

The local pols in Chicago were going to get tickets this year for $50 apiece — face value — from the team. But an Ethics Board ruling says that would violate a rule about accepting bribes gifts worth more than $50. They could be fined from $1,000 to $5,000.

A smart alderman would grab the seats, pay the fine, and sell the tickets to Mr. Schlegel. Everyone wins.

Except the Cubs, who are going down in the Series.


  • Jack

    Come on Cubs – cut this vet a break. Surely there has to be at least one team member or member of the organization that can scrape up a ticket for him.

    Come on Bob – you know the Cubs are going to win. It’s Chicago.

    • It won’t matter what the Indians do in this series, the media will still make the story about the Cubs. The Indians can’t win this Series; the Cubs can only lose it.

      • tboom

        True. The media loves rewriting the classic Cinderella story, they can’t get enough!

      • Tim

        I’m just amused by everyone acting like Chicago has never won a World Series before.

  • Mike Worcester

    Considering how MLB goes out of its way to appear patriotic, this would be an simple gesture on their part. Forget the VIP’s, get the guy a ticket.

  • Postal Customer

    Not that I don’t think he shouldn’t go to the game (hey, everybody should, right? everybody deserves it for some reason.) It’s this crowd-funding racket that I find really interesting.

    Hey, give me money for something. Everybody, just give me money! Gimme!

    Also, your page says he “survived” Pearl Harbor. The gofundme page says he “served.” So…open your wallet I guess.

  • chucker1

    That didnt take long…. check the fund me update…

  • This Is My Display Name

    “The local pols in Chicago were going to get tickets this year for $50 apiece”

    Where exactly did you get the information that “face value” was $50?

    NLCS tickets didn’t even get that low, but you insist that they dropped the price for the World Series?

    (Hint: As seen in the article you linked to, the cheapest World Series tickets at face value are $175. Here’s a link to a pricing chart: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20160810/BLOGS04/160819988/cubs-raise-prices-on-playoff-tickets)