Twins promote one more chance to live in the past

The Minnesota Twins are in the death rattle phase of 2016 season. Other than Brian Dozier and a clearly rejuvenated Byron Buxton, previously known as the savior of the franchise, there’s no reason to go to a ballgame.

So you can hardly blame the Twins for resorting to a faded and somewhat disgraced fashion to try to get fans into the ballpark: Zubaz, the fashion version of the mullett.

The Twins tried this promotion late last year too. To the surprise of purists everywhere, it turned out that people want Zubaz in their life still. Who hurt you, Minnesota?

Minnesotans are quick to embrace the hometown team: Bob Dylan, Prince, The Coen Brothers, Judy Garland, and any famous person who ever made a connection on the C concourse at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport.

But Zubaz? Not so much, even though they were invented in Roseville.

Bob Truax, of Victoria, and Dan Stock, of Little Canada, grossed $160 million sales of Zubaz even though not a single person ever looked good wearing them.

The pair invented the pants for their bodybuilder friends who couldn’t find anything comfortable, according to Mental Floss.

The pair’s corrections officers friends convinced them that women in prison could form the workforce, stitching the threads. The wrestling group, the Road Warriors, picked up on the pants and the brand took off. A topless model wearing nothing but a pair of Zubaz gave the fad a cachet that body builders and prisoners hadn’t.

It was all good until the partners lost most of the shares of their company in financing schemes, City Pages said in a 2012 article. It became a brand of the past in a 1996 bankruptcy.

  • Zachary

    I got my pair last year. That is all.

    • Pictures or it didn’t happen. :*)

      • Zachary

        I guess it didn’t happen then, as I am not going to post a picture of me in zubazs. As you quote above: “not a single person ever looked good wearing them.” They make good pajama pants though.

        • Rob

          Doesn’t zubaz mean pajamas in Persian?

          • Gary F

            “thick midriff”

          • Zachary

            “I put on my Persian Pants one leg at a time, just like everyone else. Except when I put on my Persian Pants, I win World Series Trophies.”

  • Gary F

    Still proud to say I’m a 51 year old fat guy that has NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, worn Zubas and proud of it.

    • I have to admit that 20 or so years a go I wore a pair of Zubaz shorts…while working on my car. I just didn’t care if they got dirty / oily.

      /52 YO fat guy here.

  • Gary F

    One guy is Trevor May, not sure who the other guy is. Shouldn’t they be watching game film and studying the upcoming batters or figuring out why everyone has figured out what pitch they are throwing? Puhlease…..

  • Jeff

    They should make the team wear them as punishment for the putrid season. Maybe let Dozier off the hook, or wear them just for the first half of the game like his season.

  • Rob

    Sigh… if I just had more hair, I’d grow me a mullet and don the ol’ zubaz. Good times (not).

  • Mike Worcester

    So much else to enjoy from 80s pop culture. So much else……

  • Jack Ungerleider

    Bob wants pictures. Well here you go. As an answer as to why the Twins do the Zubaz promotion I offer the picture at this link:

    • I’ll always remember TK for his ability to walk past little kids asking for his autograph at the old Metrodome (which was great for getting autographs as players headed for their cars). He always had that cigar, too.