State Fair photo mystery solved

Can we get a little bit of love for the Star Tribune today? Specifically, for reporter Liz Sawyer who has solved the mystery caused by this photo, uploaded to Facebook on Sunday by award-winning 17-year-old photographer Gabrielle Bremer of Barnum.

Via Reddit, the picture — as the kids and tapped-out headline writers say — went viral.

But what was the story here? A dying love? A frustration with the addiction to a smartphone?

It was, Sawyer found, much more serious than any of the imagined scenarios.

He didn’t have any money for Dippin’ Dots.

  • Jerry

    Well, it is “The Ice Cream Of The Future”.

    • Jeff

      It’s been the “ice cream of the future” for as long as I can remember. When does it move into the present?

      • Jerry

        Presumably about the same time I get my flying car.

        • Zachary

          what happens to my Ice Cream of Now? Is it still Now? Or does it become The Ice Cream of Then?

          • Jerry

            I don’t know. Maybe it becomes Retro Ice Cream? Vintage Ice Cream? Ye Olde Ice Cream?

          • Zachary

            Hipster Ice Cream?

          • Jerry

            It’s impossible to enjoy ice cream ironically

          • Jeff

            A puddle?

  • Zachary

    I think he looks more exhausted than “I Want My DD!”

  • Mike Worcester

    Am I the only one who feels like this couple will now have this image follow them around unfairly for many years to come? To me, and this is definitely just me, this photo is another example of taking a mere snapshot in time and presuming to know a whole story.

    Then again, maybe I’m taking this all too seriously? Then again, I’m not a big fan of Dippin’ Dots either.

    • Jeff

      If you read the article they did post this picture in response, so maybe this helps. I’m not a fan of DD either but then what is more fun than playing around with liquid nitrogen?

      • Jack Ungerleider

        Nothing beats a tennis ball, some Liquid N2 and a brick wall. (Unless its a mini pumpkin in Liquid N2 and then dropped, but cleaning up pumpkin guts is dampens the joy a little.) 8^)

  • Rob

    I think the dude’s DD explanation is fatuous. I’m guessing the real source of his bummerdom is that his phone died, or that he thought he was at a PokemonGo site and discovered he was mistaken.

  • Gary F

    Bruce Springsteen is not The Boss for this guy anymore. Looks like she’s right, whether she is or not.

    • Jared

      Yup, that teenager used to be a Springsteen fan but now women today, so dominating, loss of our old culture, etc. Mystery solved again!