Ryder Cup hasn’t started — but it already has its best story

You may not like golf, or watching golf, or think somehow the Ryder Cup is affiliated with Winona Ryder.

That’s OK, because today’s story about the Ryder Cup championship in Chaska is bigger than golf. It goes like this:

A North Dakota guy is heckling the elite European professionals at the Ryder Cup for missing putts during a practice round. They call him out, challenge him to sink a 10-footer for $100 — and he does it.

Pioneer Press sports writer Brian Murphy IDs the guy as David Johnson from Mayville, N.D.

That is a great golf story. In fact, we can only think of one better:

The North Dakota man may not receive total consciousness, but he picked up an extra $100, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

(h/t Brian Bakst)

  • I wish they’d challenge the guys who yell “get in the hole ” (especially on a par 5 tee) to actually, you know get in the hole.

    • Mike Worcester

      I did not realise the Ryder Cup was such a trash-talk fest compared to pretty much every other golf event.

      • Americans, never missing an opportunity to tell someone “you’re doing it wrong” since 1776.

      • Well, it WAS a practice round…

    • crystals

      I’d put $100 down if it would help shut those guys up.

  • Rob

    What a bunch of cheapskates. The players should have offered the heckler the same amount they’d get for winning the hole. : )

    • Jack Ungerleider

      This is a Monty Hall moment. Do you want to exchange the $100 you have for what’s in the box that Jay is bringing down the aisle? The box contains what the player receives if his team wins the Ryder Cup. Do you want to make the deal? (Here’s a hint: don’t take the box.)

      • Rob

        My bad. Hadn’t realized that the Ryder is the only pro golf event where the winners don’t get fabulously paid. Still, the participants could have afforded to make the bet a little more interesting.

  • Gary F

    Nice play by the pros. Sometimes these guys get a chip on their shoulder as any big time athlete does and can be real arses. Pulling the heckler out of crowd and putting him on the spot and putting some money on the line was great. Lots of putts are made and loss over money and cocktail bets. Thats a great touch.

    But the guy making it, well that’s pretty cool.

  • Kurt O

    (Apologies in advance if this is viewed as a topic hijack attempt).

    I’m a little surprised that Black Lives Matters didn’t stage a protest at the Ryder Cup. It was a good chance to get attention from the audience of mostly white people with higher than median incomes.