NDSU win doesn’t muzzle critic from Iowa

As any outsider who’s ever criticized Minnesota can attest, nothing can stir up the locals like a little disrespect.

And nothing can feel so fulfilling as some comeuppance.

Take Iowa TV sportscaster Andy Fales of WHO in Des Moines who called for last Saturday’s game between North Dakota State and Iowa to be canceled because of the obvious mismatch.

“I’d like to start this segment with a joke: North Dakota,” Fales said in his “What’s Bugging Andy?” segment a week ago.

That went over big in North Dakota, whose favorite football team then pulled off a 23-to-21 win.

That forced Fales, wearing NDSU colors, to become the unofficial spokesman for North Dakota.

“Try the fabulous cuisine like Jello salad, baked chicken with no seasoning, and, everyone’s favorite, the what-the-hell-is-in-that hot dish,” he said.


  • MrE85

    I don’t think anyone from Iowa should be throwing shade at other Midwest states. Except Wisconsin, of course.

    • CHS

      That’s what I was thinking… glass houses and all. Upper Midwest needs to stick together, easier to be flyover country when we’re divided.

    • Thomas Mercier

      The key to not looking like the weakest kid on the playground is to beat up on some other kid.

  • Bridget L.

    How did this guy get a job in sportscasting/commentating. Yuck. Go Bison! And Cyclones for that matter.