A football game breaks out at orchestra concert

That was apparently quite the stunning halftime show at the new Vikings stadium last evening when the Minnesota Orchestra played as the entertainment.

We’ll just go ahead and guess that this is the first symphonic halftime act.

Sadly, NBC, which broadcast the game nationally, didn’t show halftime; they had commercials to sell.

But KFAN has posted it on YouTube. Not the greatest audio quality, but you’ll get the idea.

Max Nesterak has the behind-the-scenes look at how the Orchestra was able to pull it off. One secret: As is usual in halftime shows, the crowd was hearing pre-recorded music.

  • Rob

    Instead of air guitar, it’s air orchestra…

    • According to Max, they were actually playing. It’s just that what was amplified to the crowd was taped.

      • Rob

        GTK! And thanks for the Beatles factoid. It’s always been a head-scratcher for me as to why, given poor stadium acoustics, anybody bothers to have musical performances in them.

        • John

          I would bet that is largely a business decision, as opposed to an artistic one.

      • Mike Worcester

        I would guess the acoustics in a venue like U.S. Bank are not amenable to an orchestra. Was still a dang fine idea. Reminded me of the Metallica / San Francisco Symphony Orchestra concert in 1999. An odd pairing, but the result was pretty fantastic.

        • When you get a chance, go to Hulu and watch the new Ron Howard doc, “Eight Days a Week.”

          It’s amazing, particularly the part where Ringo reveals that in the Shea Stadium concert, none of the Beatles could hear what any of the other Beatles were playing.

          Stadiums are lousy for live music.

          • wjc

            That was an excellent film. Bands playing big arenas / stadia today have better access to monitors to hear each what is going on. The Beatles were playing venues that no one ever had before, and the results were what you might expect. I’m sure the organizers learned a lot about how to use large venues from The Beatles experience.

            There is also a big difference between outdoor venues like Shea Stadium and indoor ones.

          • Anna

            The key to performing live in a stadium ( and I have done this, a live performance in Tiger Stadium at LSU) is to not listen to what is coming out of the speakers at the stadium because there is a millisecond delay.

            Even with small key speakers at the edge of the stage, you can really mess yourself up trying to listen to your own performance.

            The headsets that performers wear in large open venues today take care of this problem. They allow the artist to hear the music as it is being played.

  • MrE85

    You don’t usually think of orchestras at NFL games, but that worked. It would have worked better if the PA announcer had not stepped on the opening notes of Beethoven’s 5th.

    • Rob

      Had a Fifth of Beethoven just a couple of nights ago. Not quite as good as Curvoisier, but decent.

      • MrE85


        • Gary F

          Beethoven’s 5th was the warm act for The Clash at the St Paul Civic Center.

          • Rob

            Are you sure it wasn’t Camper van Beethoven?

          • Gary F

            Shangoya for the Mick jones-less Clash when I saw them.

          • Rob

            Interesting that you like such a pro-socialist, anti-establishment band…

    • Gary F
  • Gary F

    Nice job. But I wish the first number would have been something from Sam Spense, from NFL films.

  • chlost

    Heard some “talk radio” this morning with some pretty snarky comments on the idea of the orchestra playing at a football game. I hope the crowd’s response was more positive.

  • Mike Worcester

    My snarky comment will be that for how many in the audience was this their first time hearing an actual orchestra play? (I know, that’s kind of stereotyping football fans 🙂 ).

    Snark aside I am glad that someone in a position of influence thought this was a great idea and that, from what I heard from those who attended the game, it was for sure well received.

  • KTFoley

    Here’s a cleaner recording.

    For the record, I would listen to members of the Steele family, solo or in combination, sing a rental car agreement, the insert that comes with my hay fever pills, excerpts from James Joyce ….

  • Khatti

    Traditionally the MSO has always fielded a better team than the Vikes. Don’t like it, but it is what it is.