1,000 Words: More reporters standing in water

With the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida in 11 years came a return to the water for the nation’s TV reporters.

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  • Rob

    Are we sure that’s even real? Could be just Hollywood FX.

    • The Associated Press would never do that. I like how it’s described as an “unexpected wave.” the guy goes down to the seawall in a hurricane and doesn’t expect a big wave? Sure.

  • Mike Worcester

    It’s like the reporters who stand too close to a road in the winter then are shocked(!) when a plow comes by and covers them in snow.

    Sometimes, much like an animal in the wild, it’s not always safe to stand too close to Mother Nature.

  • Zachary

    There is a running side-theme in the Dave Barry novel “Tricky Business” as a hurricane is making landfall in south Florida, that this one news team keeps sending out reporters into the storm, and they keep getting killed. At the end of the book, it’s revealed that the only causalities from the hurricane are a couple dozen of these reporters. Any time I see these sorts of reports, I’m reminded of that book.