Town uses elbow grease to erase racism

There’s a racist in Tenino, Wash., pop. 1,709. That would be a fitting headline if not for the fact there are a lot more people spreading their love of neighbors and community.

While a family was on vacation, the racist painted their house and truck with epithets.

When the town saw it, they got to work before the family came home, the Lewis County Chronicle reports.

They scrubbed the truck…

… clean.

They replaced the hate on the house…

… with a new coat of paint.

When the family got home, they found a lawn full of friends.

  • MrE85

    America, you are always full of surprises.

    • Mike Worcester

      And sometimes they are pleasant ones no less 🙂

  • joetron2030

    Maybe the town could rally and figure out who did it? In a town that size, my guess is that someone knows something.

  • lindblomeagles

    The good news is some Americans want to change and build communities based on the content of character. The bad news is, in the year 2016, we still have bigots running around with spray cans, cowardly insulting others based on skin color. I know. It could be worse, given some of the mass shootings we’ve endured over the past few years. But IT COULD BE BETTER too, like getting everyone to act as this community did.