Revisiting the great collector car storage case of 2016

Monday’s story here on NewsCut certainly reminded us that the big, weighty issues of the day often aren’t the ones that get people the most worked up.

The post, about the Minnesota Court of Appeals decision clarifying the law on the storage of cars on one’s property, has stirred people in a way we haven’t seen in a good, long time. That’s usually the case, however, when the rights of an individual collide with the rights of “the many.”

One small update:

People were unhappy with the picture that was used to show the driveway of the individual, which was at the heart of the case which tested a state law regulating these sorts of things.

So I snapped a couple of pictures this afternoon.

Here’s the driveway.

Photo: Bob Collins/MPR News

And here’s the video from a neighboring house. For the record, we don’t know whether the complaint, registered with the City of St. Paul, is from this neighbor.

Photo: Bob Collins/MPR News

Not shown, and not part of the court case, are a couple of old trucks parked in the street. Ironically, they once belonged to the City of St. Paul, which has been pursuing the action against the homeowner..