Lost leg found at beaver dam

Don’t you just hate when this happens? You’re paddling along, enjoying a scenic trip on one of Wisconsin’s lakes when you find a leg sticking out of a beaver dam.


It happened to Elliot Fuller of Germantown, Wis., and his friend Jason Franklin, who were relieved to find out that it was a prosthetic leg.

Surely someone was missing their leg and, sure enough, they found an ad posted on Craigslist 20 days ago from a man who lost it when his canoe flipped, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports today.

They found the owner, a Green Bay man, after he had posted on Craigslist 20 days ago that he was looking for the lost prosthetic leg.

Not that he was particularly anxious about it, mind you.

“I wasn’t overly worried about it because I use my older model for fishing and hunting,” Mark Warner, of Green Bay, told the JS. “It wasn’t my everyday leg, to put it that way.”

Franklin got $50 for their trouble and provided the news quote of the year at no charge.

“I hope that if I lost my leg that someone would return it to me, too,” he said.

  • MrE85

    Clearly the beavers saw it as just another limb….

    • Jeff

      I hope they were fairly compensated.

    • Rob

      It appears not to be a wooden leg, hence of little or no interest to the beaver set…

  • jon

    In my high school german class we did a unit on body parts…
    As part of it we had to act out a sketch (in german) and reference assigned body parts…

    I don’t remember the plot of the sketch… I think it took place in a Dr. office… I delivered the final punch line though, and it is today one of two* german phrases I remember clearly: “wo is mein bein?” (or “where is my leg”)

    I suspect I’m never going to be able to use that phrase in a conversation.

    *the other phrase being “du bist herr kartoffelkopf” or “You are Mr. Potatohead”

  • Rob

    …once knew a guy with a wooden leg named Smith…

    • X.A. Smith

      (I’ll bite.)

      What was the name of his other leg?

      • MrE85


        • Rob

          So that’s what the Steely Dan song was about…

  • John O.

    Revised headline: “Lost leg found at beaver dam; authorities stumped.”