In first interview, Waseca bomb plotter hopes for forgiveness

Since his arrest in early 2014 on the suspicion that he was planning an attack on his high school, we have not heard from John LaDue, who is now trying to put his life back together.

Until today.

“That was a very bad decision,” he tells the Waseca County News.

His plan started as a plot to kill his parents, then set fires as a distraction.

Now, LaDue is taking classes to learn welding.

He has a mental illness, the experts say. But he’s taking no medication for it and a few weeks ago, a judge consented to his request to end LaDue’s probation. In exchange, a felony conviction for possessing explosives stays on his record. He’ll get no mental health treatment.

“Every therapist I’ve met has been a very agreeable person,” LaDue tells the paper. “I don’t doubt their credentials at all, but I think they’re wrong. I think I know what’s in my best interests.”

He says “at the time, I was pretty naive on the issue of mental illness.”

“It boils down to two factors,” LaDue said. “Intellect and community. I had intellect, but I was incorrect in believing that having a sense of community, such as caring for others, was a bad thing.”

“The whole thing is gradual,” LaDue said of his attempt to return to the good graces of Waseca. “You can’t point to one thing or another and wish it was different. It was, of course, ridiculous and unpleasant. Yup, I’ve wasted a lot of time and money. And yes, if I had my options to do it over, I would not have it happen.”

  • BJ

    Holy mackerel.

    >He’ll get no mental health treatment.

  • Jeff

    Shouldn’t this guy and the Somali terrorists (convicted in Minneapolis) get the same punishment???

  • KTFoley

    He has a diagnosed mental health issue, yes? No medication and no other treatment and no further probational oversight? Declaring that his therapists are wrong strikes me as an indication of the disease, not the recovery.

    • James Degner

      Completely agree with you!

  • Al

    Ohhhhhhh, that makes me nervous. From someone who was a master of denying she had anxiety for most of her adult life (post-partum depression finally pushed me over the edge): Always take the meds and go to therapy.

    • Kassie

      I think they difference is that in general, your conditions threatened you the most. They made you unhappy. His conditions don’t seem to make him unhappy, they just make him plot the killing of others. So he doesn’t see any problems and must be fine!

      • Al

        Sort of. They threatened me alone, until they threatened my ability to take care of my daughter. For some parents, that’s not an issue either, though that discussion’s for a whole different blog post…

    • Angry Jonny

      Anxiety is (formerly known as) Axis 1. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is (formerly known as) Axis 2. Personality disorders are notoriously difficult to treat.

      • Al

        Wow, yes, thank you; that makes me feel loads better about my anxiety.

        • Angry Jonny

          Well, it was a comment directed more at the subject of the story rather than yourself. Axis 1 (mood disorders) are far more treatable than Axis 2 (personality disorders).

  • PaulJ

    “I had the intellect” “I think I know” The trick is not to disagree with a narcissist, that way they don’t get violent. At least he isn’t running for president.