For a true hockey experience in St. Cloud, have a drink

Your long nightmare is almost over, St. Cloud. It appears that you’ll be able to drink at St. Cloud State University hockey games.

The university sold alcohol at two games last season to test the idea and the Legislature passed a bill last session making it possible someday to even expand sales of alcohol to the parking lots and the nearby football stadium.

Under previous state college rules, games with sales of beer had to be held 30 days apart.

There was only one dissenter among the seven St. Cloud City Council members who voted on the sales on Monday. Jeff Johnson said he was concerned about vandalism in the neighborhood.

But this isn’t about money, Jesse Cashman, assistant vice president of safety and risk management at St. Cloud State University, tells the St. Cloud Times.

“It’s to improve the fan experience,” he said.

  • Jack

    Improve the fan experience? Really – we have to deal with drunk spectators to improve the fan experience?

    Sounds like more of improve the revenue of the sport to me.

    • I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that you don’t attend many hockey games…”drunk spectators” are few and far between (at Wild games and most other hockey games).

      /The U of MN sold alcohol at their outdoor games
      //They have alcohol sales at Gopher football games with “…’no significant increase’ in alcohol-related incidents at TCF Bank Stadium, according to a report this week to the Board of Regents. In fact, there were fewer police calls about rowdy or drunken fans in 2013 than in 2010, two years before the on-site beer and wine sales began.” –

      • jon

        If the reports of $9 bud light cups are to be believed, and I’ve no reason to doubt them, then the only people who can afford to get drunk and rowdy probably have a manservant there to escort them safely from the stadium when they’ve over imbibed.

      • Jack

        You are right. I have never been to a hockey game. Made my comment based on what I’ve heard from a colleague who attends Wild games and my own experience at Viking games.

  • BReynolds33

    I would agree that it’s not about the money, in that the U of M lost money selling alcohol at their games. How you lose money selling booze is beyond me. How you lose money when selling $9 a glass beer is downright criminal.

    • jon

      Losing money selling beer for $9 a glass…

      I can think of a few ways to do that… but most of them involve expensive glasses or expensive beers…

      • BJ

        plastic cups and bud light.

        • >>plastic cups and bud light.<<

          That's not "beer."

        • jon

          Highest quality plastic in the world?
          And bud light that was brewed on the surface of the moon?

  • Ben Chorn

    Some college arenas allow it. I know Anchorage and Denver both sell beer inside their arenas.

  • Jeff

    Try wearing gopher clothing at those hockey games…I remember being pretty well buzzed up before going to the hockey games, no need to buy anything at the game.