Fan who idolized Phelps, dethrones him

This just in from the Department of Ain’t Life Interesting?

Michael Phelps lost his last individual race as an Olympian last night.

To this kid he met in 2008.


Joseph Schooling of Singapore is 21 now.

Funny thing about kids. They’re always gaining on you.

  • Keith P.

    That’s so cool!

  • Jack Ungerleider

    Seems like Phelps had a really good day for his last in an Olympic pool. If you’re going to lose your last individual race, seems to me it would be more meaningful if the guy who beats you is someone you inspired. Sort of a “passing the torch” moment. Then in the final event of the swim meet the U.S wins gold in the medley relay with “the old man” getting back what was lost (an expected to be lost) on the breast stroke leg to the champion from the UK.