1,000 Words: Sympathy from a Packers fan

Spotted this afternoon at the Kozy Korner Bar in North Hudson, Wis.:

We presume “Packers fans send their deepest sympathies to fans of the Minnesota Vikings on the loss of their season” wouldn’t fit on the sign.

  • Andy Mergendahl

    I think the message on the sign means something other than, “We are glad Bridgewater got hurt.” I think it’s based more on Packers fans’ collective memory of the first of two seasons that Favre was a Viking when the Vikings went 12-4 and Favre beat the Packers twice. Favre is so revered among Packers fans that some think he might be able to come back and do that again.

    • Barton

      I’d agree. Many friends who are Packer Backers are still mad at Favre for those years – those very good years with some of the best numbers of his career – he gave the Vikings.

  • Jeff

    Time to pull this out again…