Waiting for fireworks in Hudson

From the air over the St. Croix River on Sunday afternoon, there didn’t appear to be a lot of room left to pull up a boat and wait for dark.

The post-fireworks boat traffic must be “interesting.”


  • Jeff C.

    I’ve always wondered what the boat traffic on the Charles River in Boston is like after the fireworks and The Boston Pops concert ends. Much narrower river than the St. Croix and I bet there are more boats, too.

  • Al

    Growing up, we’d pile in the pontoon and watch the fireworks from a bay on Big Sandy Lake before returning home afterward in the pitch dark, dodging the other 200+ boats and the 10+ islands and points between us and the cabin. Think Frogger in the dark. I would’ve killed for a nice, straight river.

    It was terrifying when I was a kid, and that was BEFORE I considered how much alcohol must’ve been present on the other boats (ours was dry, thankfully). Seriously. Terrifying.