They also serve who drive a bus

On the list of unappreciated servants, surely bus drivers is high. Can we get a little love, though, for the ones like Don Washington, who told his story today to the Dallas Morning News?

Bus drivers for DART — Dallas Area Regional Transit — were told not to go downtown when a gunman ambushed police last week, killing five of them.

So Washington went downtown to help get people out.

“I remember there was one guy who was pretty much toe to toe with the officers, and I was trying to get him on the bus,” he told the paper. “He was pretty much keeping the crowd roused, and getting him out of here would pretty much calm the situation.”

He knew Brent Thompson, the man who became DART’s first officer killed in the line of duty. He knew another officer who was wounded.

“Those officers have assisted me time after time,” he said. “I shook hands with them on many occasions.”