The rising tide at Fairview and Hwy 36

We suppose by now we should just accept as a given that when it rains, you should be nowhere near Fairview Avenue beneath the Highway 36 overpass.

Thursday only reinforces the lesson.

Perhaps the scene looks familiar. From earlier in the month:

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  • HT

    “Thursday only reinforces the lesson.” Wednesday, right?

  • Dan

    18th Ave NE and Monroe in Minneapolis, too. Saw a car stuck in the water there again today!

    I’ve seen cars trying to go through water at that Fairview/36 spot before, too. Don’t try to get between Americans and their shopping!

  • Paul Weimer

    I was stuck at work for a while (I work in Rosevile) because of similar flooding at two intersections on Walnut Avenue. Not. Fun.

  • Jack

    Something about the area – 280 is notoriously bad for flooding too.

  • Al

    Used to work a block south of there. Ugh, it was a real pain during storms. Gotta be shoppers getting stuck, who aren’t aware of or can’t find alternate routes away from the mall–the regulars knew to run like hell when it started pouring.

  • boB from WA

    I could say, come to WA where it always rains but never floods. (Of course given that these are absolute statements, they are patently false). Having lived in Lauderdale for several years, I feel the pain that y’all are in. Good luck and stay safe.