RNC delegates get their morning pep talk

Every morning during a national political convention, the state delegations get a pep talk over breakfast.

For the Ohio delegation today, it came from Frank Luntz, the Republican strategist and TV talking head.

Luntz pointed out an African American man in the room — he turned out to be the hotel banquet manager — and asked, “Sir, what issues concern you the most?”‘ Luntz said. The man replied that he is worried about national security, about jobs and health care, according to WVXU Radio.

Luntz told delegates, “your goal over the next three days is to convert him,” he said. But the video was edited by the Columbus Dispatch so it’s hard to tell how Luntz knew he wasn’t already a Republican.

“He looks like he’s smoking marijuana,” an Ohio delegate said of the man who stood quietly, dressed in a suit.

  • Anna

    The Ohio guy’s comment about marijuana is actually quite frightening. Stereotyping black men at its finest! If he’s dressed in a suit and standing in the banquet hall, he must be high on something!

    Way to go Ohio!

    No wonder John Kasich is staying away. I’d be embarrassed to attend, too.

    • >>“He looks like he’s smoking marijuana,” an Ohio delegate said of the man who stood quietly, dressed in a suit.<<

      That was my "WTF??" as well…

      • Rob

        You know it’s Republicans, because instead of asking the worker if he had any weed to share, they were ready to call the cops and accuse him of being loaded.

        • Jack Ungerleider

          Your confusing the Ohio delegation with the Colorado delegation.

    • lindblomeagles

      But remember, according to the RNC, they aren’t the party of racists.

      • Anna

        My thoughts exactly.

        Do read David Brooks most recent opinion column in the New York Times (Trump is getting Trumpier). I think he has Trump pegged perfectly (if that is at all possible).

        • lindblomeagles

          I’ve got to find that article! Thanks Anna.

      • Rob

        Denial is a river in Egypt.

    • emjayay

      Musta been the little Rasta braids.

  • Robert Moffitt

    “….so it’s hard to tell how Luntz knew he wasn’t already a Republican.”
    Um, err.

    • He could be the unicorn in the room…

      • smartalek

        Dr Carson was already there.
        That’s their quota for the next two decades.
        If Armstrong was with him, the whole century’s covered.

  • jon

    Courtesy of Futurama.
    Malachi: We will solve our own problems, as you commanded. The time has come to convert the unbelievers.
    Bender: Convert them?
    Malachi: To radioactive vapor!

  • Robert Moffitt

    The Ohio delegation is getting special media attention because…
    A) The convention is in Ohio
    B) Gov. Kasich isn’t coming.
    C) Ohio is, and always will be, a key state for a GOP victory.

  • Tyler

    Look at all the old white people in that room.

    • kay

      I noticed that too and in pictures of the delegates on the floor – very little color except for the cleaners.

      • jon

        The comments section on the RNC condiment cam that Colbert setup exploded when ever there was a person of color. Also when the napkin dispenser got turned sideways.

  • Jeff

    The gong show continues…you have to admit, this is some of the best political entertainment in decades.

  • Mike Worcester

    There was an SNL skit probably 25 years ago that poked fun at the small number on non-whites at an RNC. Wished I could find it as it was pretty amusing.

  • PaulJ

    Where are the funny hats and chanting? I thought they try to organize our society at those conventions.

  • Doug Langley

    Convert him – to what? If security, jobs, and health aren’t important to the GOP, then what is? Benghazi? Billionaires’ taxes? Too many gays?

  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    Why is the GOP convention a gun-free zone? Makes zero sense.

  • Rob

    I think if you were someone who’d been clusterf#=cked by national and/or local economic conditions, and found yourself working among the clueless, empathy-challenged pols and convention delegates at the lily-white Republican Convention in Cleveland, smoking a blunt or two might seem like a logical coping mechanism…