Video: MN United keeper scores … into his own goal

Let he who has not thrown the soccer ball into his own goal cast the first stone!

It happened last evening when the Minnesota United FC lost 4-0 to Bournemouth, which scored three of the goals.

The other one was scored by United keeper Sammy Ndjock.

  • Meh, it happens.

  • wjc

    Ouch! You can see that he is trying to stop the throw, but the momentum of his arm is too much. So embarrassing, but hang in there, Sammy.

  • EarthToBobby

    Oops. But yes, you can tell by how it came off he goalkeeper’s hand that he was trying to halt his throw.

  • jon

    I’ve never thrown a soccer ball into my own goal… or at all for that matter…

    But at least it was a blow out… would have been terrible if it was a 4-3 game instead of a 4-0…

    • wjc

      Having a close game against an EPL team (even if it is their preseason) would have been brilliant for MN United. It would have been tougher for the goalkeeper, but better for the team.

      New Premier League season starts August 13 (6:30AM – Hull City v. Leicester City).

  • Jeff

    Just another reason to ignore soccer.

  • Rob

    Oh Sammy Boy

  • Jerry

    He’s just continuing a proud Minnesota sporting tradition.

  • BJ

    Poor sammy 🙁 I played in a charity footgolf event last year and he was my celebrity partner. He speaks 4-5 languages and played for a couple of european teams. Was the backup goalkeeper for his national team at the last world cup.

  • John O.

    My son played Division II soccer as a goalkeeper and actually had Carl Craig (the current MN United FC Head Coach) as a coach during his high school years. I’m fairly certain that if my son had ever done something like that, he would still be distraught. For the rest of his life.
    This howler will be the soccer equivalent of the guy from the old “Wide World of Sports who spectacularly crashes at the end of a ski jump during the opening theme.