In Goodhue County, detours are for other people

Goodhue County is looking for the driver of a Ford Focus who couldn't be bothered with detours, it reports on its Facebook page.

Substantial damage was caused to the CSAH 6 concrete overlay project today when a white Ford Focus drove around multiple sets of barricades and through the fresh concrete. Please contact the Sheriff’s department with any leads at 651-385-3155. As taxpayers this concerns everyone so PLEASE keep your ears open and help us catch this irresponsible driver!!!

It shouldn’t be too hard to find. It’ll be the one with lousy gas mileage because of the hardened concrete in the wheel wells.

  • jon

    I did this with my bicycle once… They closed the sidewalk, so I went to the gutter on the street, which turned out to be what was actually being fixed… Construction crew was still there, I apologized, they leveled it back out… I also didn’t make it as far as the photo above indicates the focus made it.

  • Anna

    If they know it was a Ford Focus then SOMEONE knows the moron who did the damage and the moron obviously lives down the dirt lane where the truck is parked.

    Follow the breadcrumbs…I mean concrete tracks. I’m sure the car was flinging concrete all the way home where ever that is.

  • Jack


    So if they know if was a white Ford Focus, shouldn’t that narrow down the search of DMV records substantially? Or is that a prohibited use?

    • jon

      I believe police can access that database, but “white ford focus” probably doesn’t narrow things down far enough, particularly if it’s licensed out of state…

    • Anna

      After doing some research on the county website, it is likely the culprit either lives or is visiting in the Zumbrota area. The zip code for that area is 55992. That should narrow it down for the sheriff’s office.

  • John O.

    Well, the driver has certainly cemented his or her legacy.

  • Thomas Mercier

    There’s a stretch of concrete on Hwy 169’s left northbound lane in the vicinity of Minnetonka Blvd that has permanent boot prints left from a similar idiot.