Hunt is on for stolen corn roaster


Here’s a question for the muttonhead who stole El Burrito Mercado’s corn roaster over the weekend: What are you going to do with a corn roaster?

From the We Can’t Have Nice Things file comes the story of the weekend heist.

El Burrito Mercado reported on its Facebook page that it had several festivals with the corn roaster and didn’t secure it well enough on Saturday. Even though it was at a hidden spot on the property, someone drove in and drove off with it.

This guy.


The corn roaster belonged to Milissa Silva Diaz’ father, she wrote on her Facebook page and says it’s “more personal than anything.” Her dad and brothers worked hard to buy them, she said.

“We are looking at scrap yards, and/or anyone that suddenly opens a corn stand!” she says.

Do that thing you do, Internet.

  • PaulJ

    Does the thing cook in batches or in a continuous feed? The photo of the thief is ear-e.

  • Jay T. Berken

    I love their roasted corn with the cheese and chili pepper. Tasty.

    • kevins


  • Gary F

    I’ve watched lots of Law and Order shows. Find out what stores are selling a lot of the plastic stick in corn handles and go from there.

  • Robert Moffitt

    I know just the guy who can solve this crime…

  • Gary F

    Or this guy.

  • tboom

    How do these people live with themselves? A grown man with nothing more to do with his time than steal from others.

    What do you think? He’ll probably net a couple thousand scrapping the thing, and dismantling it will involve some labor. In the meantime replacement cost is what, several tens of thousands of dollars?

    For God’s sake, go do something productive with your life and stop destroying the hard work and dreams of others.