How to beat the heat? Be more kid-like

I drove along a street in South St. Paul yesterday on the way home from work when I spied my past.

A family had set up a lawn sprinkler in the front of their apartment. A swimsuited kid, maybe 4 or 5 years old — maybe older — was taking his first run through it. If I’d had a camera, I’d be showing you what heaven looks like.

It’s hard to be mad at a heat wave when it gives a kid that kind of moment.

Long before we become old Minnesotans complaining about the cold in January and the heat in July, we’re kids who find the weather wondrous.

That’s why this photo of a rainstorm this week, submitted by Caitlin Altendorf as part of the Grand Forks Herald’s gallery on weather-related photos, is like a gentle breeze from a Canadian air mass.

It’s also a reminder to be more of a kid today.

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  • Anna

    I grew up in Baton Rouge and playing under the hose/sprinkler was a favorite pastime of my childhood. 90+ temps were a given throughout July and August along with the occasional hurricane for good measure.

    You had to be careful though, because the water that was in the hose was pretty hot after sitting in the sun all day. My parents warned us to let it run for about a minute before we filled our balloons for a water balloon war.

    We also had a Slip ‘n Slide to keep things interesting.

    Those were the days….

    Rediscover the kid in you. Go play under the hose with your kids!

  • jon

    At the farmer’s market last night one of the children was bouncing around like children do… “Mom I’m going to pour some water over my head to cool off!”

    And a glass of water was obtained and a few drips of water on her head followed by 5 minutes of giggling… then a few more drops, and 5 more minutes of giggling… then the whole cup followed by more bouncing…

    Later on I saw her and she entire outfit was soaked… so I guess another cup or two was used up…

    I stuck with the grown up option of getting some ice cream from the ice cream trailer they had there… (salted caramel, was delicious… though it was melting fast once it was out of the freezer)

  • DavidG

    Is that photo a sub-category of “Reporters standing in flood waters?”

  • Thomas Mercier

    My wife provides daycare from our home and the city is flushing hydrants today. I received a picture of the kids wandering in the ‘flooded’ street illustrating the saying “To adults there are the seven wonders of the world, to kids there are seven million.”

  • BReynolds33

    Last night at softball practice, my team of 13-15 year olds (boys & girls) were upset with me because we didn’t stay late and practice more like we do most weeks. I told them, “It’s hot. We need to make sure you don’t do too much in this heat.” They all gave me a look like I was crazy.

    I’ve actually never seen teenagers want to work more.

  • Leann Olsen

    There is so much cynicism right now and so much actual bad news that it’s easy to get bogged down in your thinking. There’s nothing quite like seeing a kid just unapologetically being a happy kid. I was really struggling last week and I drove by a little girl that was doing cartwheels on her lawn. Her only audience was a giant orange tabby cat, laying in the sun practically smiling at her, completely unconcerned about one of the cartwheels going awry. I almost stopped right there it was such a smack-in-the-face of pure joy. It looked like an ad for grass seed! Now I look for them every day I leave work. I doubt they will be out with a sprinkler today.