Five minutes on Isle Royale

With the second day of a heat wave about to percolate Minnesota, we feel a need to dip in early to the “Because it’s Friday, that’s why” file for a little backdrop for some “where can I get away from all of you” daydreaming.

Fortunately, CBS This Morning dropped in on Lake Superior’s Isle Royale today as part of its series on the 100th anniversary of the National Park System.


  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    There’e not much better than being by the big lake during a hot summer…

    • I can’t agree more.

    • Phil B

      Agreed. My plan after work is to grab some cider and hangout along the beach all night.

  • Mike Worcester

    Always one of my favourite parts of CBS Sunday Morning, their moments of zen.

  • Alex

    “Those who have been here once yearn to return.”

    As someone who has been there once, I can confidently say that I really would like to go back. I also had a few friends in college who worked for the Park Service there and really love it. The boat ride out there is long (2 hours from Grand Portage, MN; 3 hours from Copper Harbor, MI; or 5 hours in Houghton, MI), but it’s well worth it.