‘Dibs’ in Nisswa

A gentleman in Nisswa went old school when it came to saving a spot for the town’s Fourth of July parade on Sunday evening. He saved his spot by actually occupying it.

Reader Sheree Speer of Minneapolis, formerly of Nisswa, arrived an hour and a half before the parade to find a few spots still available on the shady side of the street.

Via Twitter, ‏@mnschmidt6 — Mike — reported that by 10 a.m., coolers were already providing their primary function at the same parade.


  • Gary F

    My wife, a 50+ year veteran, and my mother in law, a 75+ veteran of the hailed Delano parade, got into a tussle with some newbies to the neighborhood over “dibs”. From what I’m told, there is statute in the river city over ‘dibs”, and it doesn’t include using street chalk, and that starting at 7AM on parade day, your spot needs to have one attendant.

    From what I’m told, there were no vulgarities exchanged, or jousting with sharpened snow shovels and rusty barbed wire, but there was tension.

    That’s why I stay out of it.